8 Simple Ways to Get Outside This Spring

8 Simple Ways to Get Outside This Spring
Head outdoors no matter how young you are with these springtime activities.

Whether you are young or old, a triathlete or one of the sweating-averse, these are activities that anyone can do. What are you waiting for?


Ah, the classic example of gentle, outdoor activity. Gardening is great—you get to cultivate an intimate relationship with your immediate environment and you may even get a little dirty. But, with a little time, you have something to show for all your effort, whether it is a bounty of flowers, fruits, or vegetables. Not much can beat that sort of satisfaction.


Whether it is photography, painting, writing, or something else, the outdoors is the perfect place for you to practice your creative ventures. Try to bring your art outside at least once a week and prepare to reap the inspired benefits.


No able-bodied human has a valid excuse for not getting outside for a stroll on a regular basis. Walking is what our bodies were designed for. Try to spend 15 to 45 minutes wandering the outside world daily. It’s not about exercise; it’s about stress relief and mental recalibration. And think of all the wonderful places your feet will take you; to the beach, to the woods, to the city, to the park, to the lake, to the cafe… anywhere! Most of us don’t really use or appreciate our feet enough. Hop to it.


Maybe it sounds boring to you, but birding is a great way to get yourself outside and interacting with nature. Geography and time of year doesn’t really matter, either. Because birds are everywhere, you can bird watch during any season in practically any location. Birds are all around us and they are all so diverse! Birding is an undervalued way to get in touch with what’s going on in your local environment. All you need is a pair of binoculars.


If it is sunny and dry, why not drag your mat onto the lawn? There is something very powerful about practicing without a roof overhead. Stretch your limbs and free your mind into the vast expanse of the atmosphere and beyond. Let the breezes caress your face. Smell the vegetation and hear the rustling plantlife. What better way to immerse and recenter yourself?


Bring your place settings outside for a change. Weather’s not perfect? Bundle up, light a fire, and serve some hot stew. There is something so rejuvenating about eating in the outdoors. Breathing feels deeper, food tastes more dimensional, everything becomes better.


Outdoor time isn’t just restricted to the daylight hours. If you can get away from a city, try stretching out on your back and doing a little stargazing. Even with all of the flashy technology we surround ourselves with, there is nothing so inspiring, awesome, and majestic as a clear night sky speckled with hundreds of thousands of distant suns.

Spend more time outside. As humans, we are migrating deeper and deeper indoors. Make the outdoors a priority in your life, and it will pay you back dividends in inspiration, happiness, and quality of life.

This article originally appeared on Care2.com.