6 Ways to Take Your Workout Outside This Fall

6 Ways to Take Your Workout Outside This Fall
Change up your workout and get outside for fresh air while you exercise.

The cooler but sunny days of early fall are the perfect opportunity to hit the great outdoors when you exercise. Try mixing and matching any of the activities below to keep things fresh and fun.


1. Run intervals. Sprinting activates and shapes your bulky, fast-twitch muscles fibers better (think butt, hips, thighs, and calves). Extra credit: Run on grass or sand.

Easy Intervals:

-Sprint for up to two minutes
-Walk back to where you started
-Spring for up to two minutes
-Continue for 20 minutes

2. Soccer, flag football or basketball. Invite your friends for something a bit more interactive than brunch. Group sports get your heart rate up without overthinking your workout.

3. Go for a bike ride. You can incorporate intervals, aim for distance, or just go for a ride.

4. Hiking trails or hills. Hiking is fun group activity for the weekends. Packing the extra weight of your bags makes it more challenging. You’ll be able to take in the scenery while moving your body.

5. Go for a walk. Walking is an often-underrated exercise! Walking is a great way to get cardio benefits without as much stress on your joints. Add intervals or even try walking backwards for an extra challenge.

6. Put your weight into it. Incorporate awesome body weight exercises like lunges and squats into your outdoor workout routine. Look to your surroundings for inspiration. A bench can be used for step ups and box jumps, and a playground has lots of equipment (think monkey bar chin ups). Use your imagination!