5 Reasons You Need to Make a Vision Board

5 Reasons You Need to Make a Vision Board
Making a vision board can help you feel more centered and ready to tackle your goals.

Every year, I create a new vision board and display it in my home where I can look at it regularly. Creating the board brings me great hope, something I’m finding particularly helpful at this time. It’s become a wonderful ritual with my women’s group. We all bring recycled magazines, some fun stickers and colorful paper, glue sticks, scissors with different edges, and a spirit of openness. This year, particularly, I really need any reason I can to lift my spirits. My vision board brings me great comfort and peace when I look at it frequently.

1. It helps me make decisions.

To me, a vision board is a way to help me decide what I want to bring into my life, but it’s also a big help on helping me decide how I want to spend my time. When I’m on the fence on accepting an invitation to an event, I will often look at my vision board and see if the theme of the event is in there.

2. It makes it real.

When you create something in your mind and reinforce it regularly, your mind doesn’t know the difference on whether you’ve really done that or not. Athletes use this visualization technique to win olympic medals. Research shows that a weight lifter imagining he’s lifting weights is activated in his brain in the same manner as if he’s actually lifting the weights.

3. It solidifies my new word or expression for the year.

For the past dozen years plus, I’ve created a new theme that focuses me on what I want to create. Last year it was “My Life is at Ease in 2016″. It really helped to remind me to simplify my space and not overcrowd my schedule. This year, I’ve chosen a new word “Streamline” as I’m creating ways to streamline my time.

4. It’s a great indoor activity during bad weather.

It’s been very stormy in the San Francisco Bay Area this winter. We’ve lost power and internet frequently during big storms. No matter what the weather is in your part of the world, no electricity is needed to create your board. Spending time creating and looking at your vision board can be a very uplifting activity, especially compared to checking your phone for frequent news updates. While it’s important to stay informed, it can also be a huge distraction.

5. It’s fun!

Creating a vision board is a really fun activity, whether it’s done alone or in a group. Honestly, I take my time with this one and savor every moment. I usually start with my women’s group and then end up finishing alone. Then I send them an image of it. Looking at it inspires feelings of connection and love.

This article originally appeared on Care2.com.